Who We Are & What We Came here For

Behave is the number one & first Clothing line to inform real problems/solutions exposing the lies & deception of the establishment. 

​How we began​

​Behave began in 2011 as Behave Street Wear and Urban Propaganda. Independently funded. After being fed up with all the social control propaganda and political correctness manipulation going on in the world by design. We decided to use ''Behave Wear simple graphics printed with strong messages. Inform to provoke a thought and awaken the spirit of health, liberty & freedom''. since 2011 we are an e-tailer store & alternative media outlet. Made in both countries Mexico and USA. for all Humanity. Pro humans, pro life, pro 2A & Constitution. 
Our Clothes

By wearing our tees you are being part of the resistance against the behavior of Tyranny. Our T-shirts are unique and they inform You about the reality we live in. some of the topics we focus on are politics, education and health. We use anti establishment propaganda on tees by exercising the first amendment as a freedom of speech, art & satire. We produce only high quality products. By supporting & wearing a BEHAVE You are helping others awaken and be aware of important social issues. Just like a moving billboard supporting the true liberty movement of BEHAVE WEAR.


​We are strongly against systems controlling human behavior by indoctrination, conditioning and propaganda. That's why We use satire & simple graphics on modern, real, Urban, important, social issues in order to send out strong real messages to the masses. We rely on different forms of mediums like images, posters, screen printing tees, videos and more. In order break the trance and awake people from the behavior of conformity. To provoke a thought and awake the spirit of liberty by empowering all forms of freedoms and health behaviors''.
Don't  Behave Yourself,  Break the conditioning, break the trance, break the matrix & break the behave! 
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